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As a member of the ANALYTICS HALL OF FAME LLC, you agree to keep our member list private and for your networking purposes. The ANALYTICS HALL OF FAME LLC list may not be shared with any other third party for solicitation purposes.

You agree to keep your profile and contact information up to date as a site member. The ANALYTICS HALL OF FAME LLC is hereby released and held harmless for any profile information, or any representations members make of themselves in their ANALYTICS HALL OF FAME LLC site profile. This profile is your property and must be kept up to date. The ANALYTICS HALL OF FAME LLC will not share your data with third parties for solicitation purposes. The ANALYTICS HALL OF FAME LLC may use your data and contact information to send you regular updates and conduct ANALYTICS HALL OF FAME LLC business, such as sending you invitations to member events.

For the awards determined by our Judge(s), you agree to abide by their decisions and provide the requested information for award determination (proof points). You agree that the Judge’s decision is not up for debate, and the established criteria on the ANALYTICS HALL OF FAME LLC website are understood and transparent. Suppose your Judge deems your application unqualified for the award level for which you applied. In that case, they will automatically consider the application for the next reward level down if appropriate. You agree that the proof points submitted are publicly available and are not regarded as confidential information by your employer. You agree that you have not disclosed any proprietary business process or information as part of your award submission. You agree that the ANALYTICS HALL OF FAME LLC only evaluates public information that establishes your contribution to the field, not a project or a specific invention or situation. For example, we are not reviewing IP, non-public information, or trade secrets.

You agree that you opt-in to email marketing and for us to make the necessary communications to you and the award recipient to process your award.

You agree to affirm and comply with the obligations contained in your terms and conditions of ANALYTICS HALL OF FAME LLC membership. You acknowledge that your participation in the ANALYTICS HALL OF FAME LLC will not violate any policy of your current employer, nor will your participation violate any obligation of confidentiality of your current, previous employer or supplier or any global or local laws such as the GDPR, Privacy Laws, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.


You agree that these terms and conditions apply to your company or your individual membership. If you act on behalf of a corporation, you agree to abide by the ANALYTICS HALL OF FAME LLC Terms and Conditions.


ANALYTICS HALL OF FAME LLC authors agree to keep their bio/profile on the site updated. In addition, the content of their articles and posts are their opinion/content, and they agree to hold the ANALYTICS HALL OF FAME LLC harmless for the content. In addition, for articles and research, the authors agree that the information is factually correct (For non-commentary and non-opinion related articles). The authors expressly agree that the data is not the IP/ of their current employers or consulting clients. If they cite or reference other sources, they agree to give the source proper credit; we prefer you use the MLA Citation Style.