• Dr. Tony Branda

Analytics professionals shine the light on truth daily. Now it’s time for the business community to shine the light on them for all their contributions, from improving business returns to enhancing the quality of life for consumers.

Analytics and digital professionals are lightworkers who sift through the noise in data and sometimes relatively meaningless clues inside companies, knowing their diligent work can help create a vision for change and improvement.

Change leadership is key to getting executive decision makers to embrace analytics solutions. Just as there is convergence on the technology side between AI, communications and customer systems, we are now entering a time where change leadership and communication skills are demanding new skills and creating new roles within the analytics discipline.

The Analytics Hall of Fame creates a place where analytics professionals can find each other, seek advice or coaching, and develop skills on a variety of multi-disciplinary topics.
The team and I have worked tirelessly to help bring this community to fruition. We hope you enjoy the site and look forward to your contributions.