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The Analytics Hall of Fame

Where analytics professionals celebrate excellence and innovation

We are thought leaders, truth seekers,
and change makers.

“Analytics professionals combine data and critical thinking skills to uncover opportunities and challenges, to shine the light on the truth, and to act as change agents.

Analytics Hall of Fame recognizes them for their contributions, their accomplishments, and their fearlessness.”

 – Dr. Tony Branda, Founder

Become a member of the Analytics Hall of Fame and receive:


Recognition for industry knowledge through our digital credentialing system


Opportunities for professional advancement, development, and networking


Promotion via our online directory, our focus on social sharing, and our e-newsletter

2020 Annual Awards Ceremony

Date and location to be announced in November 2019.

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Analytics Hall of Fame Awards

Celebrating the Best in the Industry!

Awards are announced quarterly and celebrated at our annual ceremony.

Be Recognized by Industry Leaders

Your work will be judged by a prestigious panel of industry experts and thought leaders.

Celebrate your Success


You’ll be invited to our Annual Awards Ceremony where you’ll network with the best in the industry.

Promote your Skills


You’ll receive a digital award badge, designed to enhance your online presence and marketing materials.