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Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

What is included with membership?

Membership is currently being offered for an annual fee of $99.

This includes:
• Resources for professional development through programming and networking
• Promotion via our online directory
• Subscription to our quarterly e-newsletter
• Membership in our LinkedIn group
• Access to our job board to advance your career or fill a position
• Book reviews and recommended courses
• AI related services—Coming Soon!

What is the main value proposition of the Analytics Hall of Fame?

The principal value proposition of the entire model is to help analytics and digital pro’s increase their social credibility through our rewards and badging systems. Members get a badge which can be socially shared and become part of a community. We have as part of the community some of the biggest names and accomplished leaders in the world.

Can the Data Scientists from our Business Publish White Papers on your site?

Yes, if your analysts or data scientists have white papers or articles they need to publish; we can post them upon approval of our judges on our site.

Will you host or conduct other interviews or webinars other than the annual award ceremony?

While we are not an event based site(Other than our annual in-person awards ceremony), we at the request of companies will be hosting “Ask the expert panels” and webinars which are for analytics managers and leaders on critical topics.

While your community is growing and building up content what other benefits can members expect?

As part of membership, you have access to a live chat and discussion board for you to ask questions about any topics. Given we just launched last month, we will also provide one hour of free consulting advice on the chat or offline to a firm. Finally, members can receive job listings if they are searching for a new opportunity as indicated on their profile.

What Content will I receive or have access to as a Member?

In terms of content, you will receive a monthly newsletter from our judges regarding best-demonstrated practices in analytics and data science and business change initiatives. See our website we have famous authors such as Jim Sterne (AI) as part of the judge’s panel. Also, we are working with Vishal Kumar from Analytics week to offer other types of content to our members. We also provide a book review of the key must read practitioner books on analytics.

Why isn’t this a contest with tiered winners (first, second, and third place with honorable mentions)?

Our board of advisors does not believe in comparing leaders against one another. Therefore, we won’t limit the number of awards presented in a given year. We have also decided not to offer consolation awards.

What happens if I don’t win?

The Analytics Hall of Fame will reduce nominator’s fee to re-apply by 50% (this offer is valid for 24 months after your initial application is made.) In addition, the Analytics Hall of Fame will list you, and/or your firm as a silver sponsor for one quarter, free of charge, if you are a nominator who did not win an award, if your nominated recipient did not win an award, or if you nominated yourself and did not win an award.

Can an individual be nominated by more than one person or entity or multiple times?

Yes, an individual can be nominated multiple times by different people or entities. An individual can only win in one category in an evaluation period. However, over time, they can be nominated for and win in other categories. The Rising Star Award (non-judged award category) can be awarded annually and is available for re-nomination each year.

If a nominee doesn’t win one category but has qualified for another category, the Analytics Hall of Fame panel of judges will automatically consider them for the other category. The nominator will be notified about the status change. People can be nominated more than once for an award category but not within a given quarter when there is an active evaluation in progress.

Who are the judges? How will they be evaluating nominees?

Our prestigious panel of five judges, each of whom is a subject matter expert, consists of former executives, practitioners, and academicians who are free from conflicts of interest. They could win one or more Analytics Hall of Fame awards for their strong contributions to an Analytics Hall of Fame discipline.

When a nomination form is submitted it is assigned to one of the five judges after an initial review by the Analytics Hall of Fame Executive team. This will ensure the initial set of qualifications are met. The judges will then evaluate each nominee based on the application criteria and the strength of the nomination package.

The Rising Star and Company awards, which are peer-reviewed awards, will be evaluated by the Analytics Hall of Fame’s Founder, Dr. Tony Branda.

Why is the Analytics Hall of Fame a for-profit Business instead of a non-profit entity?

The Analytics Hall of Fame founder and advisors want to have access to the financial resources necessary to build a robust, digital community. In addition, we believe we can attract the best judges by compensating the panel a percentage of the award evaluation fees we collect.

As a for-profit, we won’t accept contributions which may influence the outcome of the award decisions. We also won’t be affiliated with any academic journals, editorial boards, or other sponsor-based organizations who may influence the nominating process. We may choose to rotate the host location of our award’s ceremony, and it is our current belief that we will not be affiliated with any academic or association on a permanent basis beyond hosting a meeting or a paid conference.
We will pay taxes and abide by all state and federal laws that govern our LLC and disclose our fee structure with integrity and honesty.

However, when the Analytics Hall of Fame is able, we plan to create a foundation that will support analytics research in the form of grants.

Is there a nomination fee for the awards program?

We require a one-time nomination fee of $1,000 per award.

The purpose of this fee is three-fold:

1. The nominations evaluated by our judges are a form of peer review—we are committed to attracting the best judges.

2. The nomination fee allows us to keep our community current with the latest digitally enabled communications platforms.

3. The winners can leverage the digital award badge without any restrictions or licensing fees. Meaning, award winners can use the digital award badge on their website, on their social media profiles, and on all advertising materials.

Can I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your membership at any time but per the Terms and Conditions, the $99 Membership fee is non-refundable. By canceling your membership your recurring payment is also canceled on Paypal.

Before membership expiration, a reminder e-mail will be sent 30 days prior to the renewal of your Membership.

If I cancel my membership, is my data deleted from the site?

If you cancel your membership your personal data will be deleted immediately, forfeiting all benefits of membership. However, any badges from a judged award on the Analytics Hall of Fame Winners circle that you have appended to your social media will remain.

Can members apply for an award?

Members can apply for an award through the nomination process (fees apply). Awards are not part of the membership fee.

What happens if my nominee doesn’t win?

The Analytics Hall of Fame will reduce a future nomination by 50% (this offer is valid for 24 months after the initial nomination is made.) In addition, the Analytics Hall of Fame will list you, and/or your firm as a silver sponsor for one quarter, free of charge, if your nominee did not win an award. The nominator can use the discount to submit future nominations.

How do I link my Award Certificate and Badge to my Social Media or LinkedIn Profile?

Go to the Winners Circle for your award level (Global, Industry etc.) and click on the badge icon which will take you to the credentialing website(credential.net) where you can link the Award Certificate(with the badge on certificate) to your LinkedIn or other social media.

Click here for step by step instruction

What dates are the Awards Conveyed and Posted on the Winners Circle?

Our goal is to decision the awards and announce/convey them as quickly as possible. But here is the established schedule for award conveyance:

Awards Submitted for evaluation: Winners Announced to members and on social media and Appear on Winner Circle no later than:
January 1 through March 31st April 31st or sooner.
April 1 through June 31st July 31st or sooner
July 1st through September 30th October 31st or sooner
October 1st through December 31st January 31st or sooner.

Can Political candidates or Government Officials Apply for Awards?

While The Analytics Hall of Fame does not endorse political candidates in our role as change leaders, as evangelists of Analytics, Data Science and AI, and as a builder of community, we do reward and recognize leaders who demonstrate a track record of leveraging our disciplines to improve the operations of governments. Therefore, we now accept award nominations from Government Officials and Political Candidates who support our disciplines. We have amended our award criteria as follows:

Country/Regional Leadership Award


This leader has leveraged analytics or another Analytics Hall of Fame discipline in their role as a company founder or division leader to benefit a country/market or country population.
Government Official: National (Federal), State (Governors, Congress), Local (City or Town)

This leader has leveraged analytics or another Analytics Hall of Fame discipline to shape policy or to improve or execute on programs or operations. This leader has in public talks mentioned their use of data, big data, data science, AI or analytics or other digital capabilities such as the Iot. This leader has committed resources, or officials to specific jobs including data, data science or AI. This leader has outlined a public policy that has or intends to apply data and analytics to help improve the quality of life or processes or increases the competitiveness of the nation or jurisdiction under their management.

Academic Achievement
This leader has contributed to theory or academia through journals or at a university/college to benefit a country/market or country population.
This leader is a recognized country authority in a discipline as evidenced by one or more of the following:
· Serves as a distinguished professor at a college or university

· Achieved a Ph.D. in an Analytics Hall of Fame discipline or related area