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The Analytics Hall of Fame offers companies an in-depth assessment of the firms analytics capabilities.

While it is well understood that Analytics offers tremendous potential to impact business results, the evolution of Analytics
is not uniform across functions, or across companies and industries. The reasons for inconsistent adoption are vast and
require an understanding of value chains and processes.

Dr. Branda, the founder of the Analytics Hall of Fame, for the last decade, has been researching the relationship between
highly analytical practices and financial performance. As part of his research doctorate for the Lubin School of Business,
Dr. Branda established a set of factors with input from deep subject matter experts in the field, that he calls a Firm’s
Analytical Orientation (FAO), which help determine the degree to which a firm is analytically oriented. More than 60
dimensions were studied in order to identify which key professional competencies in analytics, firms reported a correlation
between a higher analytical orientation and business performance.

FAO measures lead to a greater understanding of which investments in talent, behaviors, tools and processes will best
foster adoption of analytics across organizations. The qualitative factors assessed in the health check can be used by
practitioners as assessment criteria to help enhance discussions with executives on removing barriers to FAO.

If you are interested in having your company’s analytics assessed, click here to make an appointment and receive a copy of
Dr. Branda’s latest research on highly analytical practices published in The Journal of Marketing Analytics.