The Analytics Hall of Fame Announces the induction of Gary Cao, Carl Doty and Jack Levis as Industry Leaders

The Analytics Hall of FameTM – a global network of analytics, insights, data, digital, and research professionals – celebrated as three of their colleagues were recognized as Industry Leaders.

Tony Branda, Ph.D., the network founder, said “We are now entering a ‘golden age’ of analytics. In this new age, it is time for practitioners and academics of analytics to have their own Hall of Fame (Analytics Hall of Fame) providing a well-deserved center stage to recognize unsung heroes and increase professional visibility.” Continue reading “The Analytics Hall of Fame Announces the induction of Gary Cao, Carl Doty and Jack Levis as Industry Leaders”

Sixth City Marketing Interviews Dr. Tony Branda of Pace University

As we continue with our series on higher education industry leaders, our next interviewee is Dr. Tony Branda from the Lubin School of Business at Pace University.

Dr. Branda specializes in marketing analytics, a field in which he has completed extensive research and has received publication in a variety of outlets. Additionally, he holds a doctoral degree in marketing analytics and customer intelligence.

In addition to educating, Dr. Branda has served as Chief Data and Analytics Officer for many companies, and has performed advisory and consulting work as well. Dr. Branda is also the founder of the Analytics Hall of Fame.

In our interview, Dr. Branda discusses his thoughts on where marketing is heading inside and outside of the classroom.

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Now What?

One planning season, as we were reviewing metrics and processes, building spreadsheets, developing assumptions, forecasting our opportunities and potential challenges, a new senior manager came into the picture. We were rushing around gathering our data and putting together our analytic plans, but not a big deal, right? We’ll pull together a quick program review, we knew our programs backwards and forwards, the performance metrics were seared into our brains – easy. But not this year…professionally, it was a turning point for me.

At this initial overview for the new senior manager, prior to the multiple rounds of Plan tweaking, we started to review our year-to-date program performance metrics (as we always did) and was told to…stop! “I’ve seen the deck – so what?” Silence ensued. What does she mean, so what? With what we were proposing, we could up our program revenues 30%! And still, she said “So what?” Continue reading “Now What?”

Jim Sterne Podcast: “Statistician’s Blues”

In this episode, Jim relays his vision for the future of marketing, why cookies are here to stay, and how today’s marketers should be thinking about machine learning (notice we didn’t say “worrying about” machine learning). Join Melinda and Jim as they reminisce about Silicon Valley when there was zero traffic and get blunt about where we need to be looking for the future. Continue reading “Jim Sterne Podcast: “Statistician’s Blues””

Fundamental Qualities and Skills of Market Researchers

As you may know, Market Research is one of the Awards Categories that folks can be
nominated for at the Analytics Hall of Fame. Our Analytics Hall of Fame membership is
global and is open to professionals who work in the following disciplines:

  • Analytics (Insights, AI, Data Science)
  • Business Intelligence and Big Data
  • CRM (Mar-tech, Sales, and Marketing Automation)
  • Digital Marketing and Analytics (Social Intelligence)
  • Research (Marketing, Market, and Competitive Intelligence)

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